Hold your center; show your light

dandelionSettle into your center. Find your peace. This is essential and will lead to your unfoldment.

Allow nothing to dissuade you from your authentic resonance. Be the you you want to be.

Continuously, practice presence. Adhere to your daily acts and tasks that keep you balanced, healthy and whole in every aspect of your life.

Lift up from the discouragements and heaviness of the world. Love yourself. Share yourself. Show your light.

It all unfolds in perfect timing, not a minute later, not a minute sooner. Attend to symbols and whispers. Revel in the wisdom of nature.

You are loved, guided and protected more than you can ever imagine.

And so it is.

Mary Magdalene Meditation: Journey to the Cave

mmwitheggSettle yourself comfortably.

Allow your breathing to deepen.

Envision a large rose holding you in velvety softness.

Be enveloped in complete comfort and total safety.

Quiet your mind and unfold into the soft holding.

Breathe and release. Breathe and release.

Open to the sound of the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Allow yourself to be held and grounded by the steady sound

that guides you into an altered state

where you surrender

to replenishment,



The resonant beat invites you deeper …..

and deeper ….

and deeper ….

You become one with the sound.

You follow in trust;

accept the call

and walk into the brindled darkness,

beginning your journey of the cave.

Small splatters of light splayed on the cave walls

guide you into a place of total stillness.

You stop and stand stock-still

in ready attention, waiting.

Out of the darkness,

steps Mary Magdalene,

aglow with light,

holding an illumined egg

which she gifts to you.

You hold this shining orb close,

very close to your very center,

absorbing the vibrating radiance,

which uplifts your spirit

and reconfigures you

at your deepest cellular matrix

to higher vibratory code

for optimum wellness and being.

And so it is.


Mary Magdalene allows that you can make the journey into the cave with a question for which you are seeking advice and help. Follow the steps of the meditation, holding your concern in your heart.

Once you receive the egg, you may ask the light-filled egg your query or concern. Do so in a sacred way. Then, break the glowing egg open so that you are holding light in each hand. In the bilateral holding of light, center fully on your heart and be open to what follows. You are invited to discern the response you receive.

And so it is.


Do I disappoint you, God?

lovelight-texture-no-1-pink-glitterificNo, you can never disappoint me. There is no such thing as disappointment in the higher realms. It is all the light. The light is the vibrational spectrum that opens consciousness and births compassion and expansiveness. When playing in the higher realms of light, there is no division; everything is part of the whole.

You look to find the feel-good vibration. Along the way, you may try this ‘n that and that ‘n this to discover what makes you feel good, happy, whole, yes? Those discoveries are short-lived; they do not sustain you over the long-run. You keeping hunting and pecking, tasting and trying to find what it is that can make you feel good.

What you do or don’t do is not as important as the intention with which you take actions for yourself or on behalf of others. Are you being loving? Are you being loving to yourself?

Are you able to look at yourself with light-filled eyes and see that your life is a progression? This progression is not linear, but a moment-by-moment change in amplitude. Whatever lights you up from the inside-out will help you find your happiness, wholeness and feel-good feelings.

Stop. Sink into your heart and see what feels good to you. There can be many answers; your earth is a veritable playground.

Do not beat yourself up for whatever humanness disturbs you. Understand why you made the choice or tried that particular path. Have compassion for the human who is working through feelings and history and mental constructs. Have compassion for the human who is learning that there is more beyond what the eye can see.

You are a magnificent being who is learning to open more fully into the light.

And so it is.

Confidence needs grounding

contact-treeYour confidence blossoms when you are grounded in the medium that makes you feel a part of and connected in the flow.

Grounded, dear ones, in the ground that gives you sustenance and anchoring – be it Mother Nature, your physical vessel, your connection with the Divine or your attachment to your loved ones.

These tethering connections help ground you in your physical vessel; they allow you to root and take hold.

When you are rooted, you feel steady and strong. You are enlivened, curious and more ready to reach out and expand beyond your comfortability. Grounding opens you to expansiveness and allows your confidence to flow.

And so it is.

You are here for a reason

images (24)

Bow your head in reverence.

Honor the animating spirit that carries you forward.

Understand you are here for a reason.

Be it to lighten loads, create beauty,

offer comfort, share wisdom,

inspire the world, pray for peace,

stand for the disenfranchised,  help the vulnerable,

teach the kids, plant seeds, make gardens, sow trees,

love unconditionally, invent anew, save the planet, save your family,

save your children, save your neighbors, save your ancestors.

You are here to be the connection, the midwife, the star traveler,

the rebirther, the healer, the strategist,  the sage, the oracle,

the one who remembers.

You are here to honor your soul.

You are here to walk your contract.

You are here to live through your heart.

You are here to share your one-of-a-kind

magic and mischief and mercy.

You are here because you,

wonderfully idiosyncratic, multidimensional you,

are needed now.

Jump. Jiggle. Giggle.

rumpusnetJump. Jiggle. Giggle. Giggle.

Do it again.

Wiggle your fingers.

Wriggle your toes.

Hands on your belly button.

Anything goes.

Jump. Jiggle. Giggle. Giggle.

Do it again.

Imagine a half-smile.

Hand on your heart.

Breathe horizontally

Through your four-chambered part.

Jump. Wiggle. Giggle. Giggle.

Do it again.

Dive into the deep and follow the flow

With erstwhile detection

Seeking the vibratory glow glow glow

Jump. Jiggle. Giggle. Giggle.

And do it again.

Aligned with the energies,

Riding the waves,

The heart of the matter

The matter of the heart.

When you’re in a conundrum

It’s a good way to start.

Jump. Wiggle. Giggle. Giggle.



10 reminders from your spiritual allies

images (3)Hello, Dearest Ones,

You fret too much and worry about the little things. Take a breath. Take another breath. You raised your soul hand to be here now, amidst the high-pitch of the global energies.

We understand you are feeling pushed and pulled. We understand you have been working so hard to make it all work.

This is what we want you to know:

  1. First, heal yourself.
  2. You are never alone. Ask for help. We, your metaphysical team, your spiritual allies are here. Align with our energies.
  3. Practice quietude.
  4. Be in nature.
  5. Go inward and raise your consciousness.
  6. Be flexible and allowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  7. Lead with your heart; practice compassion towards yourself and others.
  8. Find delight, awe and gratitude in your daily life.
  9. Remember to have fun. Play. Giggle. Laugh. There is so much more before you.
  10. You are loved, always.

Go gently. Go mindfully. Go in peace.

And so it is.

You are not alone

ARM hoshi trees and starsYou are not alone. We are here and with you always. Who or what is this we? We are your multidimensional, galactic pals. We are here to assist and enrich.

To reach us, ground your physical self, connect through your heart and allow yourself to receive. Try to empty your mind and be willing to enjoy the connection and what follows from it. Have fun. Play. Dance in the light motes and see what happens.

Change and more change abounds. Ride the waves with flexible thoughts and an open heart. The end game is the development of your soul, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. This intense incarnation will refine you to diamond brilliance. Hold on. Do not lose your hope. We know you have tried and tried and tried and you say you are so tired. You wonder when will you ever reach the stopping point. But, of course, there is no stopping point for an eternal, dynamic soul.

As you say, take time to smell the roses, feel the sunshine and wiggle your toes. The more you can do to nurture and nourish your soul, the happier you will be. Make your soul life a priority and the rest will follow.

And so it is.