Take heart

Yes, Beloveds, it’s a bit of a mess out in your world, but of all of these fiery energies and combustible moments combined with deep compassion and standing in unity, bring the Light forward.

Go very gently with yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Some guidelines:

  1. Get rest. There are massive incoming energies.
  2. Rest some more to help you recalibrate and ground and restore yourself.
  3. Follow your body’s lead. Don’t push it.
  4. Attend to your creative inklings (of whatever form and nature). They open you to growth, expansion and connection with higher consciousness energies.
  5. For 11 minutes (at least) daily, meditate or center yourself with the word “peace.” Consider putting your hand over your heart and repeat to yourself, “I am at peace.”
  6. Connect with your tribe. Get support; give support.
  7. Practice compassion with yourself and others.
  8. Give yourself time to process before you respond to challenges.
  9. Be mindful: Pull back when you need to; jump in when you’re ready.
  10. Be authentic and in alignment with who you are at this moment in time.
  11. Remember you raised your very brave and courageous soul hand to be here now. You are needed. You are necessary. And you are aiding and assisting the shift in consciousness.
  12. You have everything you need to be here now. Be wonderful you in all of your human facets of multiple feelings, confusions and delights.


And so it is. Go forth in love and peace.

Call back your Spirit or Die

The following is my favorite healing story. I first heard this account from higher consciousness teacher, Caroline Myss, who learned this first-hand from her friend and our protagonist, David Chethlahe Paladin. And extra special bits were added by Lynda Paladin, our protagonist’s wife.

The story becomes a bit like the game, “Telephone,” in that in every retelling the story morphs a little bit this way and a little bit that way. I have heard this story countless times and repeated this story countless times, I now offer this to you like a tumbled stone that is well-worn with passage.

So, without further ado, let’s go back in time and let me introduce you to our hero:

David Chethlahe Paladin is a Navaho Indian living on a reservation in Arizona. David would laughingly say that his mother was a nun and his father was a priest. It turns out his mother became pregnant by a visiting priest. She, in turn, decides to become a nursing nun and leaves her son in the care of the extended family of their tribe.

David and his cousin spend a great deal of time leaving the reservation and going into town. They drink a lot, and they think life is better in the white man’s world. The local constabulary is forever returning the boys to the reservation. By the time David is 13 years of age, he is an alcoholic.

David and his cousin determine that they are going to make it off the reservation once and for all – and they do. They find their way to California, wherein they lie about their ages and sign up for work with the Merchant Marines, where David befriends another young man from Germany. He also begins drawing; some of his sketches include the eventual bunkers that the Japanese are building on the atolls in the Pacific Ocean.

World War II is declared. The US Army tells David that since he lied about his age with the Merchant Marines he has a choice. He can go to jail for a year or enlist in the army. David enlists. He is a teenager.

The army tells David as he is a Navaho, they are going to drop him behind enemy lines and use him as an information gatherer in their special services. David, using his native language, is to relay his findings to another Navaho in the army. Their language becomes a code that the Germans are unable to crack, much less decipher.

David is dropped behind enemy lines. Ultimately, he is captured and interrogated for information. The German officers find him useless and direct that he be sent to a death camp and executed as a spy.

Imagine, if you will, the scenes we all have invariably seen of the railroad station and the platform filled with lines of prisoners being pushed into box cars for transport to the camps.

Here is David. He is being pushed and shoved into a boxcar. There is German soldier behind him saying “Schnell, schnell” (quick, quick). David stops, turns around and looks at the German soldier. It is his friend from the merchant ship. The friend recognizes David and ushers him to a different box car that will send David to Dachau.

In the barracks at Dachau, David sees an older man, a fellow prisoner, drop something. David bends down to retrieve it. The guard, who has witnessed this moment, asks David, “Are you the Christ?”

The guard then orders that David’s feet be nailed to the floor and that David stand there with his arms outstretched for three days like Christ on the cross. Every time David would falter and crumple the guards would hoist him up again. In the middle of the night, someone would sneak in and cram raw, maggot-covered chicken innards into David’s mouth.

When the Allies open up this camp, they find David a mere shell of a man, weighing maybe 70 pounds, and speaking Russian*. They turn David over to the Russians. David later speaks English and gives his name, rank and serial number to the Russians who transfer him back to the US military.

David is sent to a VA hospital in Battle Creek Michigan where he spends the next 2 years in a coma. At the end of two years, his legs are encased in metal braces, similar to what polio patients used. David, a young man, maybe not even 21 years of age, is to be sent to a VA home for the rest of his life.

David asks if he can visit his family on the reservation. The answer is, “Of course.” David literally drags himself onto the reservation. He meets with the elders of tribe. They ask to hear his whole story. David tells them every horrible thing that he endured. He is full of anger, rage and hate.

The elders confer and tell David to meet them tomorrow at a designated point on the Little Colorado River. David agrees and at the appointed hour he arrives. One of the elders tethers a rope around his waist; others remove the braces from his legs. They hoist David up into the air and as they throw him into the raging current of the Little Colorado River, they say, “Chethlahe, call back your spirit or die. Call back your spirit or die.”

David would later say that those moments in the Little Colorado River were the very hardest of his life. He had to fight himself for himself. And he was able to see the big picture; he understood why things unfolded as they did. For example, he realized that the raw chicken parts were meant as a source of protein to sustain him so that he might live.

David Paladin was thrown into the river as a very broken – and broken on every level — man. And David emerged out of the Little Colorado River like the phoenix out of the ashes. He had metaphorically walked through the fire, or, in this case, swum through the currents, and had come out alive. He was born again.

And, that is what I think healing is all about for each of us. It is calling home our energy; it is calling home our disenfranchised pieces and parts. It is letting go of the toxic and the outdated. It is reclaiming ourselves.

David no longer needed his braces; he became a shaman, teacher and artist and went on to work with priests and addicts. He died in his middle years in the mid 1980s.

P.S. Remember David sketching during his tour of the Pacific and speaking Russian when the Allies first found him half-dead at the camp? It turns out that David was channeling, i.e., energetically merging, with the Russian artist Kandinsky. In fact, Kandinsky’s best friend came to the U.S. from Russia. The friend, the story goes, told the press that he felt as he had spent the day with Kandinsky.



Breathe. You are moving into alignment with the planetary energies. Take the long view. Focus on the higher consciousness perspective. It will provide relief from the crush of daily news.

Know you are loved beyond measure. Your presence at this time is a gift for the evolution of this planet.

Go inward. Heal yourself. Make peace with yourself. You are needed in your open-hearted and courageous fullness.

Go forth. You are needed now.

Invite into your Life

Invite into your life that which you intend and desire to call forth.

Support the positive.

Befriend your resistance.

Allow for higher vibration expansiveness.

Be open to that which you never believed you deserved.

The energies are fast.

Time is accelerated.

Change is inevitable.

Go forth.

Invite your angels and guides to attend and assist.

Invite your heart to lead.

Be prepared to take flight.

And so it is.

Life Reminders, Starfish

Dearest Starfish,

Don’t fret. Yes, the world is chaotic in its 3D way. It weighs heavily on you. You feel it all with your tender heart.

A few bon mots, if you will, to help you carry forward:

~Your soul has all the answers you need.

~As the Ancients taught, if you don’t know what to do, do nothing.

~Keep your word to yourself. It will strengthen your sense of self.

~Be an eagle: take the long view and see the big picture.

~Laugh: it’s the perfect reset button.

~Compassion and kindness open the heart and uplift the spirit.

~Practice moments of quiet.

~Embrace Mother Nature.

~Be gentle with yourself.

~Ask for help.


And so it is.

St. Germain and the 10 reminders for moving Up Spiral

This piece was written with and through the generosity of St. Germain. Direct (or almost direct) quotes are italicized.

All of us would all agree that life is going faster and faster by the minute. We can’t stay on top of everything, much less get everything done. And there is change everywhere. Much of what we have been taught as real is being shown to be anything but real.

And we have learned that when we disengage energetically – in other words, unplug from our connection with Spirit – we feel as if we are in free fall. And when in free fall, we get overwhelmed. We doubt. We wonder if we are doing the right thing.

We know we raised our respective soul hands to be here now, at this time in history, at this point of evolution. We said, “Yes!” way back when but it can be difficult to make sense of all the changes and the fast-charging energies.

The French philosopher, paleontologist, and Jesuit priest, Teilhard de Jardin said: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” The Ascended Master, St. Germain would tweak that and says:  “You are a master having a human experience.”

As we traverse this path of mastery, we are being led to spiral up or UP SPIRAL. Up spiral, as the name suggests, is all about moving to higher dimensions and frequencies. Through this spiraling, Spirit is wrapping us as well as blending and integrating the higher energies within us. And this idea of integration can be a thrill as well as a fear.

You have heard of rules for the road, allow us to introduce these 10 reminders and guidelines for moving up, up, up the spiral.

  1. LET GO of doing
  2. ALLOW yourself to keep moving…not trying…feel the energy move you forward and allow yourself to go with it as if you are a helium balloon bumping along.
  3. Please know you are not nearly as disconnected from Source as you think you are.
  4. There are things that are opening up to be revealed to you in divinely (emphasis divinely) appropriate time.
  5. We say it time and time again, TRUST your intuition.
  6. Everything is in DIVINE ORDER.
  7. The finite mind cannot intellectually resolve all of the points of opposition. Therefore, it will take up-spiraled higher consciousness to help realign our reality with a whole new perspective.
  8. FINDING OUR BALANCE in all of this new reality is all about constantly re-adjusting. It’s like standing on a log on a river and you are running in place to keep your balance, but you can’t run that fast. The balance will be brought to you. (And this, to me, feels like grace.)
  9. REMEMBER, you are a master of your human experience. You have disbelieved yourself for far too long. You don’t have to learn. You don’t have to try. Just allow. It’s easier than you think. And it’s comfortable, joy-filled, and not hard work and there is no competition. The process does not have to be difficult or fearful. It is as gently illuminating as you would allow it.
  10. LOOK WITHIN, this is the key. Look at life through the small end of the binoculars where everything gets clear. Meet your fears and suddenly see aspects of your fears that are enlightening. (This reminds me of the Zen concept of befriending your demons. Think for yourself. Open the gates to higher dimensional frequency and look inside for the mysteries. It is readily available and clearly within. Pay attention beyond what you see and hear. This is where you will find yourself, your temple, the temple of the master. The world cannot enter into the holy temple of any master. And when you look deep within, are you willing to trust yourself?

Beloved Masters, every event, every step you take, every breath, every move is about defining yourself as a master. Each choice is a master’s choice. Every potential requires you to be faithful to yourself and to live the truth of you in a powerfully courageous way, not as a warrior, but as a master making choices in compassionate objectivity, living clearly and being true. The more you are true to your standard, the more you find you are loved and constantly cared for and protected.

You are the one you have been looking for in lifetimes. You are the love. You are the one you have waited for. It has always been there inside of you, right where you are. You are waking up to this realization. And, so it is.