Mary Message: Be the love      

PinkFlowers-lowres-300x300Open your hearts and allow the pain and suffering in the world to move you into places of action. The time is now to help your brother, sister, neighbor, friend and enemy. Nothing is lost by helping those in need and equalizing the playing field so that all have a chance at health and happiness.  Everything is gained by seeing yourself in the eyes of every person you meet.  Everything is gained by knowing that we are all connected; every action, every choice, every decision has a ripple effect that affects the collective.

Do not let the children suffer.  Do not let your neighbor go hungry.  Do not let the earth spoil.  These are the issues that matter.  Tend the sick and broken; the disenfranchised and the hungry; the desperate and the despairing.  Help one another.  Make peace with one another.  War accomplishes precious little; peace allows happiness and creativity to flower.

The world is in a tenuous place.  Create strength by finding your core and center.  Know what matters to your heart; know where you will draw a line; know where you will step up.  Pray for peace.

Be the peace.  Be the light.  Be the love.  And change the world.

And so it is.

Mary Message: Do not be afraid

The world is chaotic, and will continue to be as the baser vibrations look to trump the higher, cooperative vibrations. Take heart; take heed, and walk in faith. Have the faith to trust yourself, your instincts, your intuition, and your heart-centered belief on what is right to do for yourself and, in doing so, what is right for the world.

These are the moments that have been prophesied; these are the moments your soul has been waiting for.  There is a corner to be turned, and if you can stay out of the cycle of fear and panic, you can and you will move forward.

Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with others.  There is no enemy save the lower consciousness and its concomitant vibrations. This can be combated with high vibratory energies and consciousness.

How?  Through your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs and your willingness to take steps of service to help heal the plane, you can co-create the shift with others. If you operate at your highest level and best self, there is nothing to fear. Do not let fear pull you off center.  Do not let fear close your heart.  Do not let fear close your extended hand into a fist. Do not let fear invade your mind like a parasite and live off your healthy tissue.

The stronger your consciousness and awareness, the more you will be able to see and discern. It is time to wake up from the long nap of non-engagement.  It is time to engage fully and wholly with yourself and with your soul.

Be very discerning.  Pay close attention. You will know what resonates with your heart. And it is the light of the heart that will lead you through the darkness.

Go in grace.


Mary Message: A time of great fluctuation

You are living in a time of great fluctuations. There are no more fixed points of stability. The earth erupts, the seas swell, the skies open and the winds howl. Change is here. That is the current constant.

Change moves you out of the familiar rabbit hole. Change forces you to adjust and adapt, release and reconsider. There are no guarantees; you are forced to rely on your own good instincts. You are asked to consider yourself as a resource for healing yourself and others.

In other words, dear ones, the playing field, the one you have known and mastered, has been upended.  Now, you will create the new ground by your intentions, individually and collectively alike.

I ask you not to be overwhelmed by the world at large, but to focus on your particular orbit. Practice kindness, be at peace, even though the world swirls around you in reactive fear, and open your heart. Learn to trust yourself. Trust the small whisper that guides that you. Trust the heart that extends a hand to another. Trust the desire to create peace by weaving threads of many colors into a single cloth.

Every action counts. Every thought counts. Every intention counts. All of it is part of the quantum whole, the field of light. Be guided by joy. Be guided by love. Be guided by inspiration.

Your presence here now matters enormously. There are no accidents; you are here now to help create the energetic shift, the realignment of imbalances, and make whole the disparate parts.

To help the world, your task is simpler than you might imagine. You are to right your personal orbit; you are to maintain its rotation of balance by way of compassion, peace and kindness towards others. Once you have cleaned and brightened your light; you will influence others, and they, in turn, will influence others and so forth.

By accepting the spiritual nature of yourself and living your days in such awareness, you become a point of illumination. That is what you are called to do.

And so it is.

Go in peace.