About the Scribe

FullSizeRender-2I was a scribe many times over in Ancient Egypt. My family and friends will tell you – and I must concur – that my handwriting has devolved into some kind of free-form hieroglyphics. But my gift of gab – a nod to my Celtic ancestors – is healthy and chatty.

Channeling comes best when I get out of my own way. It has nothing to do with me, I simply serve as the instrument or the hollow bone or the overflowing cup.

I have always felt a particular kinship with Mother Mary. I met the playful Merlin in Avebury, UK in 1999. Over the years, St. Gemain, Padre Pio, Mary Magdalene, the Star families, Archangel Michael, Jeshua, St. Thérèse of Lisieux and others have made their presence known through words and healing practices. I am most grateful and, equally, surprised and delighted.

Thanks for joining us on this new adventure as we step into unfolding realms of higher consciousness.

With a full heart,

Adele Ryan McDowell