Adele Ryan McDowell, GreenTreePh.D., is an empathic psychologist who looks at life at life through the Big View Finder. Adele offers a unique kind of spiritual counseling and sacred psychology for those who are receptive to a multi-dimensional perspective of our very complex, frequently hurried, lives. Often, it is the highly sensitive person (HSP) who seeks out Adele.

Sessions may include some of these elements: energy assessments, past life conversations, guided meditations, soul interpretations, shamanic interventions, channeled messages and a big-picture understanding of your 3D challenges. All sessions are Spirit-led, so we know grace –and, most likely, fun, too – will be afoot.







30 minute telephone session


60 minute telephone/Skype session


60 minute office session





Email Adele at or to set up your appointment time. Indicate a few scheduling options. Do include your phone number and she will be happy to connect with you in a timely fashion.

All sessions must be prepaid.

Weekend appointments are available.

Cancellations and no-hassle rescheduling require a minimum of 24 hour notification.




Adele’s Office is located at 13 Arcadia Road, #8, Old Greenwich, CT 06870. The office is within walking distance (3 minutes) of the Old Greenwich train station that serves the Metro North New Haven railroad line.

House calls in the area can be made with prior arrangement.