Hearticulations by Jeff Brown

“It has to end, you know. The self-hatred. The collective shaming. The disdain for other. The emotional armor. The buried pain. The displaced humans. The misplaced kindness. The repressed trauma. The fake positivity. The meaningless materialism. The forgotten heart.

We’re all tired of these patterns. We aren’t built to carry them. Never were. They are perverting and distorting us. They’re too heavy for our tender hearts.

It has to begin, you know. The self-love. The collective healing. The love for other. The emotional release. The liberated pain. The welcomed humans. The perpetual kindness. The honored story. The authentic feeling. The meaningful purpose. The open heart.

We are ready to surrender these patterns to a deeper love. Of self. Of other. Of Earth. It’s why we are here. To rejoice in our time together, on our beautiful planet home. It’s time to lay down our weapons and welcome every precious human life into our arms like a new born. Every human cradled in compassion and kindness. Every human honored as a true reflection of the Divine. Every human loved like our life depends on it. Because it does. We are lost without each other.

It’s time.”


 Jeff Brown

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