Try this challenge, dear ones

Try saying this silently to everyone and everything you see for thirty days and see what happens to your own soul:

“I wish you happiness now and whatever will bring happiness to you in the future.”

If we said it to the sky, we would have to stop polluting, if we said it to the ponds and lakes and streams, we would have to stop using them as garbage dumps and sewers; if we said it to small children we would have to stop abusing them, even in the name of training; if we said it to people, we would have to stop stoking the fires of enmity around us. Beauty and human warmth would take root in us like a clear, hot June day. We would change.

—from A Monastery Almanac (Benetvision) by the always wonderful Joan Chittister

Dying and death

In a mere 14 words, J. Adams Snyder gives us food for thought as we discern the distinction between dying and death. There are not the kissing cousins we might automatically assume, but rather radically different processes.

“The process of dying is falling asleep.

The process of death

is waking up.”

― J. Adam Snyder