Invite into your Life

Invite into your life that which you intend and desire to call forth.

Support the positive.

Befriend your resistance.

Allow for higher vibration expansiveness.

Be open to that which you never believed you deserved.

The energies are fast.

Time is accelerated.

Change is inevitable.

Go forth.

Invite your angels and guides to attend and assist.

Invite your heart to lead.

Be prepared to take flight.

And so it is.

Life Reminders, Starfish

Dearest Starfish,

Don’t fret. Yes, the world is chaotic in its 3D way. It weighs heavily on you. You feel it all with your tender heart.

A few bon mots, if you will, to help you carry forward:

~Your soul has all the answers you need.

~As the Ancients taught, if you don’t know what to do, do nothing.

~Keep your word to yourself. It will strengthen your sense of self.

~Be an eagle: take the long view and see the big picture.

~Laugh: it’s the perfect reset button.

~Compassion and kindness open the heart and uplift the spirit.

~Practice moments of quiet.

~Embrace Mother Nature.

~Be gentle with yourself.

~Ask for help.


And so it is.

One bead at a time

Begin, and space will appear. Direction will become evident. All it takes is the first step of commitment.

Go. You will be supported. It will be easier than you think. You will find joy and excitement. It is far easier than sitting on that knot of resistance and fear and avoidance.

Gently, mindfully, like beads on a necklace, do this one bead at a time.

We’re with you.
And so it is.

Stop fretting

Dear Starfish,

Please no more fretting, worrying or dithering. We suggest you settle yourself, go inward, get rooted and then connect with your soul. You soul is your repository of your animating life force. Your soul holds your answers. And your soul connection allows inspiration and births epiphanies.

You connect with your soul through present time. Be it creativity, dream time, play time, noodling-around time or any time, when you suspend judgment, are open and allow, there can be connection and flow.

When you are in alignment with your soul, your life feels more expansive and possible. You are no longer hamstrung in powerlessness or futility. You are operating in the moment, at full power and with more options.

Jump into the flow of soul connection, dear Starfish. Your days will be lighter and brighter.

And so it is.

Take a step

Take a step, Lovies. Move out of you familiar spot. Breathe and stretch into a new position, way of being, point of focus. You are ready. Actually, you have been ready for a while. Stop obsessing, procrastinating, and overthinking. Just take a step. You know how it goes: one step leads to another step.

The current days are dark. You are needed to spread your light, your joy, your wisdom and, most especially, your heart. Compassion, empathy, charity, generosity, kindness, affection, caring and all of those heart-centered activities are needed and necessary.

Now, start with you. Extend your loving heart to you. Drop recriminations, guilt, barrages of unworthiness and defeat.

Love and care for you. Love and care for your neighbor. Love and care for the world.

And so it is.



The purpose of soul mates

Soul mates…you’re familiar with the term. Often people think it means the p-e-r-f-e-c-t match, the absolute one-and-only, or the one and only reason you have incarnated in this lifetime.

Soul mates are individuals with whom we share a karmic past and they come into our lives (again, and, often, again and again, throughout the ages) like sand in the oyster that catalyzes the creation of a pearl, layer by layer.

A soul mate can serve as an irritant, a stretcher, an eye-opener, a challenge as well as a sanctuary, vibrational match, or like home. In other words, soul mates, as the name implies, stretch our souls. The interaction with a soul mate can make us aware and move us into a place of higher consciousness. It is not a constant barrage of  hearts and flowers because the soul mate’s job is to help move us beyond our individual comfort zone and into an expanded awareness.

We might say the relationship provides a multidimensional push. If you are aware of these distinctions, you will be able to dissect the relationship into the 3D reality as well as the broader soul, higher self perspective. And that understanding will help you when the relationship has played out its purpose.

Gifts come in many forms and faces, right?


It’s coming

Dear Starfish,

We know you are trying. We know it has been challenging, and there are moments when you have lost your footing and, more importantly, questioned your faith. We ask you to take a deep breath. Stretch out all the kinks and stand anew, leaving your worries behind you.

In another dimension, you agreed to the path that is about to unfold before you. In your 3D incarnation, you do not remember these agreements, but rest assured these developments have been made with your full co-operation and collaboration. You have been shifting and unfolding and operating from a high heart. You are ready to step up to the multidimensional. You will like this. You will be like a fish to water. You will feel HOME.

Please do not fret. Go with the flow as much as you can. Say yes more than you say no. Listen well to your intuition.

You are loved, guided and protected.

And so it is.