Hardwired for God

There is a soul “seed” of high vibratory, intracellular structure that is hardwired into all the layers of the body. The seed is buried deep within the pineal gland. This seed holds the essential connection with the Divine and the infinite mysteries.

For many women, this seed of potential is activated with childbirth; for others, the seed is potentiated by the birth of creative acts and/or divinely-inspired unions. There is creativity, sacred marriages, balancing the divine male and divine female, and, of course, unconditional love. This speaks to the God matrix: balance, connection, union, creation and unconditional love.

The seed carries a cellular memory of oneness with the Divine. The cells do not forget. once the seed case is cracked, the God code is opened and the God matrix is vitalized. It’s as if you plug yourself into Source and, the entirety of Source’s network, aka the God matrix, lights up in collaboration and co-operation.

It is all within you. You are hardwired to be in direct union with the Godhead (aka a modern mystic) by living your life honoring the divine union, honoring yourself with this realization that you carry the God within and by pursuing acts of creativity and balance.

Are you being creatively playful? Have you opened yourself to divine inspiration? Have you rested in the still point of balance? Are you able to love unconditionally?

The tiny whisper of the deeply buried soul seed is yearning for light and nourishment to sprout and grow. Are you ready to crack the God code and awaken the God matrix within you?

Mary Magdalene Meditation: Journey to the Cave

mmwitheggSettle yourself comfortably.

Allow your breathing to deepen.

Envision a large rose holding you in velvety softness.

Be enveloped in complete comfort and total safety.

Quiet your mind and unfold into the soft holding.

Breathe and release. Breathe and release.

Open to the sound of the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Allow yourself to be held and grounded by the steady sound

that guides you into an altered state

where you surrender

to replenishment,



The resonant beat invites you deeper …..

and deeper ….

and deeper ….

You become one with the sound.

You follow in trust;

accept the call

and walk into the brindled darkness,

beginning your journey of the cave.

Small splatters of light splayed on the cave walls

guide you into a place of total stillness.

You stop and stand stock-still

in ready attention, waiting.

Out of the darkness,

steps Mary Magdalene,

aglow with light,

holding an illumined egg

which she gifts to you.

You hold this shining orb close,

very close to your very center,

absorbing the vibrating radiance,

which uplifts your spirit

and reconfigures you

at your deepest cellular matrix

to higher vibratory code

for optimum wellness and being.

And so it is.


Mary Magdalene allows that you can make the journey into the cave with a question for which you are seeking advice and help. Follow the steps of the meditation, holding your concern in your heart.

Once you receive the egg, you may ask the light-filled egg your query or concern. Do so in a sacred way. Then, break the glowing egg open so that you are holding light in each hand. In the bilateral holding of light, center fully on your heart and be open to what follows. You are invited to discern the response you receive.

And so it is.