Starfish, let’s talk today’s energies

Hey, it’s tricky out there. The energies today are fast and unpredictable. There can be sharp right turns, unexpected happenings, portals opening to new heights and chapters ending. There can be challenges in the extremis; there can also be quantum leaps to new platforms of being.

Do not fret, Starfish. Ground yourself, again and again. Renew, restore and nourish yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically. In other words, plug into all of your systems, call in all of your allies, renew your practices and be mindful that you are on a fast ride to higher vibrational living.

These are the new energies. Our biggest suggestion to you is to work assiduously at being pro-active as opposed to being reactive to all the input, history, subconscious templates, drama, conflict and sensory impressions that surround you continuously.  We recommend that you focus on what you desire, what you truly, deeply and passionately desire. This what what lights you up, makes you happy and feeds your soul. Focus and carve out the time for you. Now is the moment.

And, so it is, Starfish.

You are more, so much more

You are bigger than you realize. You are more than the 3D constructs that surrounds you.

Have you considered how each and every one of your experiences (experiences of all kinds) shapes you, helps form you and offers you repeatedly new choice points in living.

Consider this: Are you living a life of fullness? Do you feel the zing of aliveness? Do you feel inspired (literally translated to taking in the breath of God)? Have you fed your soul? Can you see with an expanded perspective? Do you lead with your heart?

And in moments of reflection, are you able to discern the lessons of your soul?

You are a multidimensional being, Starfish. We encourage you to to step up, step forward, step into your fullness and live the higher dimensional life you have been invited to live.

And so it is.


To the traumatized and wounded

Yes, you were traumatized. It happened. No one knew how brave you were, how courageous your were. You took it all in; you absorbed the chaos and craziness into your body. It wasn’t easy to stay grounded and remain in your body.  There was lots of pain. There were cascading feelings of never doing it right, never being enough, no good, just bad, bad, bad. It was your fault. You were always responsible for everyone’s feelings.

That is history and brain tapes and body memories, which, oddly, enriched your awareness and sensitivities and amped your levels of compassion — for most everyone, but, sadly, not often enough for yourself. Work hard to make peace with yourself and your history. You are way too hard on yourself. Go very gently. Understand it was a past trajectory and mightily endeavor to see yourself anew.

You are a lovely, light-filled Starfish, swimming on this bluegreen planet. You are a visitor. Please know it is important for you to be here now. It is time to detach and grow away from the shadow of the trauma. It is time to unfold into more complete alignment with your soul, Starfish. It is time to swim in the light.

You will make it. Remember, blessed release is possible.

Refill yourself with light and joy. Find goodness and happiness in the smallest of treasures before you. As you attend to the lighter and higher frequencies, you will attract more and more of these life-giving energies. Yes, it happens. Have faith in your higher self, Starfish.

You are loved, guided and protected.

And, so it is.

Starfish, attend to your beauty

Dearest Starfish, swimming in the vastness of your blue-green world,

We want you to stop. Stop and wonder at the magnificence around you. There is beauty. And this beauty births gratitude, which blesses you with all of its attendant benefits.

And in this world, there is also horror and disaster, which call desperately for your awareness. In compromising times especially, focus on the beauty within you. This is the font of your animation. This speaks to magnetics and energies.

Your beauty is unique and idiosyncratic. It is the live-giving, love-giving charge within you. Your beauty serves as a direct expression of your connection with your soul.

During these tender days full of upheaval and upset, we suggest that you plug into your soul, your personal well-spring. And, in doing so, you allow your light, your soul beauty to shine outwardly. It has the power to soften, open and, even, awaken others. Further, it amplifies and strengthens your journey on the path.

Be your beautiful, light-giving self. Operate from your open heart. Each and every bit of your soul beauty and its concomitant light makes a significant contribution to the planet.

Share your Beautiful Light, Starfish. Your illumination on this planet is more important than you realize.

And so it is.


Wrong turn at the Milky Way?

Sometimes it feels like that, doesn’t it?

Truth is, Starfish, you are e-x-a-c-t-l-y where you are supposed to be. You choose this lifetime, these experiences and all those relationships to accelerate and enhance your growth.

No frowning, please. Lest you forget, this is a journey of consciousness.  And, yes, it can be bumpy, aggravating and down-right confusing. And still, you are here, knee-deep in Planet Earth.

Until the relatives show up, enjoy it all. Have fun. Be detached. Risk a little more. Love a lot.

And so it is from the Greater Galaxies.

You are not alone

You are not alone.

You are never alone.

Go outside.

Feel the thrum of a tree.

Listen to birdsong.

Watch clouds slide and morph across the horizon.

You are always a part of this.


Place your hand on your heart.

Connect with your being.

Open the door to feeling.

Notice the every day miracles

of Mother Nature,

your physical vehicle

and the unanticipated

gifts from others

and above.


You are not alone.

You are never alone.

See the feather.

Pick up the stone.

Listen to the wind.

Paint your dreams.


It gets easier.

It gets better

when you see and


and feel

and know

the magic above


and around you.

You are not alone.

You are never alone.

You are a part of this,


and forever.

Return of the Illumined Starfish



from years of

standing tall,

standing strong,

standing alone,

hiding the vulnerability

closeted in the sweet depths of a gentle heart.

Without question,

you picked up the standard

to protect

the young,

the wounded,

the forgotten.

Now is time to stop;


Revel in green quietude

and blue waters.

Take in all you need.

Feel nurtured,

and comforted as

the stars  spin and tumble

you, a starfish

in a waterfall of aqua light

returned to your flexible wholeness

and shining magnificence.

And so it is.



You are here for a reason

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Bow your head in reverence.

Honor the animating spirit that carries you forward.

Understand you are here for a reason.

Be it to lighten loads, create beauty,

offer comfort, share wisdom,

inspire the world, pray for peace,

stand for the disenfranchised,  help the vulnerable,

teach the kids, plant seeds, make gardens, sow trees,

love unconditionally, invent anew, save the planet, save your family,

save your children, save your neighbors, save your ancestors.

You are here to be the connection, the midwife, the star traveler,

the rebirther, the healer, the strategist,  the sage, the oracle,

the one who remembers.

You are here to honor your soul.

You are here to walk your contract.

You are here to live through your heart.

You are here to share your one-of-a-kind

magic and mischief and mercy.

You are here because you,

wonderfully idiosyncratic, multidimensional you,

are needed now.

You are not alone

ARM hoshi trees and starsYou are not alone. We are here and with you always. Who or what is this we? We are your multidimensional, galactic pals. We are here to assist and enrich.

To reach us, ground your physical self, connect through your heart and allow yourself to receive. Try to empty your mind and be willing to enjoy the connection and what follows from it. Have fun. Play. Dance in the light motes and see what happens.

Change and more change abounds. Ride the waves with flexible thoughts and an open heart. The end game is the development of your soul, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. This intense incarnation will refine you to diamond brilliance. Hold on. Do not lose your hope. We know you have tried and tried and tried and you say you are so tired. You wonder when will you ever reach the stopping point. But, of course, there is no stopping point for an eternal, dynamic soul.

As you say, take time to smell the roses, feel the sunshine and wiggle your toes. The more you can do to nurture and nourish your soul, the happier you will be. Make your soul life a priority and the rest will follow.

And so it is.