Wrong turn at the Milky Way?

Sometimes it feels like that, doesn’t it?

Truth is, Starfish, you are e-x-a-c-t-l-y where you are supposed to be. You choose this lifetime, these experiences and all those relationships to accelerate and enhance your growth.

No frowning, please. Lest you forget, this is a journey of consciousness.  And, yes, it can be bumpy, aggravating and down-right confusing. And still, you are here, knee-deep in Planet Earth.

Until the relatives show up, enjoy it all. Have fun. Be detached. Risk a little more. Love a lot.

And so it is from the Greater Galaxies.

You are not alone

You are not alone.

You are never alone.

Go outside.

Feel the thrum of a tree.

Listen to birdsong.

Watch clouds slide and morph across the horizon.

You are always a part of this.


Place your hand on your heart.

Connect with your being.

Open the door to feeling.

Notice the every day miracles

of Mother Nature,

your physical vehicle

and the unanticipated

gifts from others

and above.


You are not alone.

You are never alone.

See the feather.

Pick up the stone.

Listen to the wind.

Paint your dreams.


It gets easier.

It gets better

when you see and


and feel

and know

the magic above


and around you.

You are not alone.

You are never alone.

You are a part of this,


and forever.

Return of the Illumined Starfish




from years of

standing tall,

standing strong,

standing alone,

hiding the vulnerability

closeted in the sweet depths of a gentle heart.

Without question,

you picked up the standard

to protect

the young,

the wounded,

the forgotten.

Now is time to stop;


Revel in green quietude

and blue waters.

Take in all you need.

Feel nurtured,

and comforted as

the stars  spin and tumble

you, a starfish

in a waterfall of aqua light

returned to your flexible wholeness

and shining magnificence.

And so it is.



You are here for a reason

images (24)

Bow your head in reverence.

Honor the animating spirit that carries you forward.

Understand you are here for a reason.

Be it to lighten loads, create beauty,

offer comfort, share wisdom,

inspire the world, pray for peace,

stand for the disenfranchised,  help the vulnerable,

teach the kids, plant seeds, make gardens, sow trees,

love unconditionally, invent anew, save the planet, save your family,

save your children, save your neighbors, save your ancestors.

You are here to be the connection, the midwife, the star traveler,

the rebirther, the healer, the strategist,  the sage, the oracle,

the one who remembers.

You are here to honor your soul.

You are here to walk your contract.

You are here to live through your heart.

You are here to share your one-of-a-kind

magic and mischief and mercy.

You are here because you,

wonderfully idiosyncratic, multidimensional you,

are needed now.

You are not alone

ARM hoshi trees and starsYou are not alone. We are here and with you always. Who or what is this we? We are your multidimensional, galactic pals. We are here to assist and enrich.

To reach us, ground your physical self, connect through your heart and allow yourself to receive. Try to empty your mind and be willing to enjoy the connection and what follows from it. Have fun. Play. Dance in the light motes and see what happens.

Change and more change abounds. Ride the waves with flexible thoughts and an open heart. The end game is the development of your soul, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. This intense incarnation will refine you to diamond brilliance. Hold on. Do not lose your hope. We know you have tried and tried and tried and you say you are so tired. You wonder when will you ever reach the stopping point. But, of course, there is no stopping point for an eternal, dynamic soul.

As you say, take time to smell the roses, feel the sunshine and wiggle your toes. The more you can do to nurture and nourish your soul, the happier you will be. Make your soul life a priority and the rest will follow.

And so it is.

Open your window

bluewhirlThe window of change and opportunity is closer than you imagine. Don’t think too hard. You have been waiting for this step up, this step out, this moment to move you to a new way of being and into a place of transformative life. Now is the time. Your window is near.

When the opportunity, connection, invitation or unexpected opening comes, listen to your heart. Smile. Say, ‘”Thank you, God” and open the window. You have been asking and praying for some time now. And your willingness has made this possible. Put your ego-based fears to the side. And if this is your soul’s delight, do not hesitate and ride the new energies up to a new platform of being.

And so it is.



Continue to reach for the light

images (2)Now is the time to revel in your accomplishments and progress. You have worked very very hard and even though you cannot see the next steps clearly, they will be revealed on an as-needed basis. There is little benefit to revealing all to you at this moment. We ask that you trust and continue step-by-step with your loving heart and light-filled ways.

The smallest of steps and the simplest of ways positively impact the quantum matrix in significant ways. Please do not denigrate or belittle yourself, or your efforts. It all matters. The energies are like a spinning vortex, picking up mass and speed. These are energies of transformation. You, dearest ones, are part of this transformative global process. You are doing important work.

Simply be. Mindfully be. Do not over analyze or push yourself to distraction. Continue to commune with your higher self. Attend to symbols and signs around you. You are never alone. Reach for the light. Lead with your heart.

You are loved beyond measure.

And so it is.


Advanced initiation is here

gentle flowers

It is with great joy and delight that we welcome you to this new day. Breathe deeply of the light. Root yourself securely into the earth plane so that you can travel more freely and fluidly with the incoming energies.

We, your galactic pals, encourage you to play freely and to tumble over one another in great happiness. When you are so serious or worried your world becomes smaller. It contracts. It’s as if you close all the windows and batten down the hatches. Your worry and gravity weigh you down. Your energies become static. There is no movement.

Play more. Worry less. Be creative and magnetize your possibilities. Open the windows to flowing high vibratory energies that can uplift you and lead you to new ways of being.

Advanced initiation is here.