Starfish, let’s talk today’s energies

Hey, it’s tricky out there. The energies today are fast and unpredictable. There can be sharp right turns, unexpected happenings, portals opening to new heights and chapters ending. There can be challenges in the extremis; there can also be quantum leaps to new platforms of being.

Do not fret, Starfish. Ground yourself, again and again. Renew, restore and nourish yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically. In other words, plug into all of your systems, call in all of your allies, renew your practices and be mindful that you are on a fast ride to higher vibrational living.

These are the new energies. Our biggest suggestion to you is to work assiduously at being pro-active as opposed to being reactive to all the input, history, subconscious templates, drama, conflict and sensory impressions that surround you continuously.  We recommend that you focus on what you desire, what you truly, deeply and passionately desire. This what what lights you up, makes you happy and feeds your soul. Focus and carve out the time for you. Now is the moment.

And, so it is, Starfish.

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