Stop in the Name of Love

The world is frenetic. You must stop, center and realign with the fullness that you are. 

Tap into the essence of you. Find the vibration of well-being and joy. Believe in your powers for good. Believe in your multidimensional abilities to make change, shift tides and make a difference.

But first, dear Starfish, start with you. Reclaim yourself. Slow down. Rest. Regroup. Put aside worry. Then, PLUG IN to Source. If you are at a loss, spend time in nature. Talk to trees, breathe with the waves, dream with the clouds. Recommit to your center, your stronghold of magic.

You are loved. You are guided. You are protected. Walk in peace. Walk with confidence.

And so it is.

It’s time you, superhero, you

Take a deep breath.

Go slowly.

Re-orient yourself to all that you are.

Call for the energies of your heart.

Listen to your soul.

Walk in congruence.

Go gently.

Go lightly.

The world is indeed spinning faster.

In response, you must slow down, slow way down.

Claim your focus and full complement of energies.

Become the superhero you are.

Now is the moment for you to reveal, without

chagrin or reservation, your true self,

the one previewed in your soul contract.

The world awaits you, now.

Go in peace.

Go in love.

And so it is.