To the traumatized and wounded

Yes, you were traumatized. It happened. No one knew how brave you were, how courageous your were. You took it all in; you absorbed the chaos and craziness into your body. It wasn’t easy to stay grounded and remain in your body. ┬áThere was lots of pain. There were cascading feelings of never doing it right, never being enough, no good, just bad, bad, bad. It was your fault. You were always responsible for everyone’s feelings.

That is history and brain tapes and body memories, which, oddly, enriched your awareness and sensitivities and amped your levels of compassion — for most everyone, but, sadly, not often enough for yourself. Work hard to make peace with yourself and your history. You are way too hard on yourself. Go very gently. Understand it was a past trajectory and mightily endeavor to see yourself anew.

You are a lovely, light-filled Starfish, swimming on this bluegreen planet. You are a visitor. Please know it is important for you to be here now. It is time to detach and grow away from the shadow of the trauma. It is time to unfold into more complete alignment with your soul, Starfish. It is time to swim in the light.

You will make it. Remember, blessed release is possible.

Refill yourself with light and joy. Find goodness and happiness in the smallest of treasures before you. As you attend to the lighter and higher frequencies, you will attract more and more of these life-giving energies. Yes, it happens. Have faith in your higher self, Starfish.

You are loved, guided and protected.

And, so it is.