Starfish, attend to your beauty

Dearest Starfish, swimming in the vastness of your blue-green world,

We want you to stop. Stop and wonder at the magnificence around you. There is beauty. And this beauty births gratitude, which blesses you with all of its attendant benefits.

And in this world, there is also horror and disaster, which call desperately for your awareness. In compromising times especially, focus on the beauty within you. This is the font of your animation. This speaks to magnetics and energies.

Your beauty is unique and idiosyncratic. It is the live-giving, love-giving charge within you. Your beauty serves as a direct expression of your connection with your soul.

During these tender days full of upheaval and upset, we suggest that you plug into your soul, your personal well-spring. And, in doing so, you allow your light, your soul beauty to shine outwardly. It has the power to soften, open and, even, awaken others. Further, it amplifies and strengthens your journey on the path.

Be your beautiful, light-giving self. Operate from your open heart. Each and every bit of your soul beauty and its concomitant light makes a significant contribution to the planet.

Share your Beautiful Light, Starfish. Your illumination on this planet is more important than you realize.

And so it is.


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