You are not alone

ARM hoshi trees and starsYou are not alone. We are here and with you always. Who or what is this we? We are your multidimensional, galactic pals. We are here to assist and enrich.

To reach us, ground your physical self, connect through your heart and allow yourself to receive. Try to empty your mind and be willing to enjoy the connection and what follows from it. Have fun. Play. Dance in the light motes and see what happens.

Change and more change abounds. Ride the waves with flexible thoughts and an open heart. The end game is the development of your soul, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. This intense incarnation will refine you to diamond brilliance. Hold on. Do not lose your hope. We know you have tried and tried and tried and you say you are so tired. You wonder when will you ever reach the stopping point. But, of course, there is no stopping point for an eternal, dynamic soul.

As you say, take time to smell the roses, feel the sunshine and wiggle your toes. The more you can do to nurture and nourish your soul, the happier you will be. Make your soul life a priority and the rest will follow.

And so it is.

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