Step onto the Light Train

The ascension process takes the concept of fast to warp speed. There is much work to reach that portal of ascension. There is the inner work of clearing and releasing, boring down into the depths of your being to resurrect your authentic, soulful self. However, once we commit to a life of higher service and alignment with the divine, things accelerate quickly.

Ascension does not mean death in this context. Ascension means accelerating your vibratory rate, expanding your consciousness and seeing with eyes of the heart. It is operating from a place of unconditional love and unconditional faith. It is believing that all will unfold perfectly. There is no worry. There is peace and equanimity within and without.

The ascension process is best visualized as an upward spiral with symbolic gateways along the way that progress to more expanded levels of connection with the Divine. Ascension is a process of moving to the Light. It is a process that has welcomed the shadow and incorporated and transmuted the shadow into the light, thereby expanding the individual radiance.

If you are ready for speed and acceleration, you are invited to step onto the Light train and travel the spiral pathway. As you do so, you increase your individual radiance. This not only assists you, but it also helps those who have preceded you and those who will proceed after you. Everything is connected.

When you have cleared and claimed, accepted and surrendered, and you feel ready on a soul level, you, too, will travel at the speed of light.

And so it is.

A word on the Afterlife

Do you remember the Frank Capra movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

James Stewart plays the lead character, George Bailey, who reluctantly stays in his hometown to run the family business. Due to some family mishaps, George becomes despondent, drunk, and wishes he had never been born. George throws himself off a bridge and is rescued by Clarence the angel, who shows George what life would have been like for his family and friends if George had not been born.

Upon reviewing his “unborn” life, George understands the difference he has made in the lives of his loved ones. Despite impending disaster and failure, George runs home, giddy with love for everyone and everything in his hometown. I think the afterlife is a bit like that.

The way I understand it is this: When we die, we have a life review. We look at the life we have lived from the soul perspective. This is always unconditionally accepting and loving. Our version of Clarence the angel says something like, “Let’s roll the video,” and we experience, from a soul level, a review of our life. This is not a punitive measure to determine blame, nor to judge right or wrong, success or failure. This is a soul assessment of our life, seen with detachment and compassion. What were our choices? What kind of person have we been? Have we acted with kindness and generosity of spirit? Have we been able to forgive, apologize, or right a wrong? Did we share ourselves? In essence, have we acted with a good heart and grown closer to understanding that we are all connected, we are all one?

There is the story of the man who had a near-death experience (NDE) in which he traveled as far as his life review. He came back to life and his friend asked him what he had learned. He answered, “I should have been kinder.”

This reminds me of ancient Egyptian mythology. Upon death, the heart, considered the home of the soul, is weighed against the lightness of the goddess Maat’s feather. Her feather symbolized truth, justice, and balance. This was the measure of a life, a light or heavy heart, and this determined the outcome of the soul in the afterlife.

That seems like a fitting measure of a our lives. Are our hearts heavy or filled with light?

Take the step

You are ready. You are fully standing in your power. No more equivocating, fretting or spinning in place. It is time to unfold into your fullness, your raison d’etre for this time now.

The energies are with you. You are supported by the universe.

Take the step. Then, take the next step.

Feed the energies with your action and motivation and willingness to fully commit — both feet in — to the universe and higher good.

And so it is.

Take the time. Now.

Take the time. Take this time now to heal, become more present, more conscious. It’s time for you to go within — delve deeper — in order to prepare and re-align yourself to go out.

Breathe. Take the time you need. Now.

There is no better tomorrow without taking the time for today.

Refresh, sort, clear, cleanse, move, exhale, be still, listen, and, above all, be loving towards all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be.

These are very important times for you. Fertile, rich with potentialities, shimmering with energies. Take the time now. Attend to you.

And so it is.

Love yourself more deeply

You are loved, and you make us chuckle as you struggle so mightily in fighting yourself. You are realizing, dear one, that enough is, indeed, enough. Stop the crazy, self-defeating behaviors. End the self-sabotage. Come back to center. Find balance.

You can do this. Go very gently. Be mindful and attentive. Treat yourself lovingly. Move towards your highest self. Take care of what needs tending and clear that struggle.

You are ready to move forward. Unfold. Evolve.

More awaits you. More than you every imagined.

It’s time to love yourself more deeply.

And so it is.

Navigation Advice: Moving into higher vibes

You are undergoing a transition, the magnitude of which is seismic. This transition starts inwardly and moves outwardly in ever-increasing circles, like ripples from a stone thrown in a lake.

Focus on what stirs your heart.

Do what feeds your energies.

Move and dance in the flow.

Accept yourself fully.

Love without restrictions.

And always go for the fun and higher vibrations.

Remember, first and foremost: You are a spiritual being incarnated for profound soul lessons. This is your time.

And, so it is.

Root deeply and climb under your skin

images 1abcEverything thing may feel a’jumbled. Breathe.

Breathe deep into your abdomen. Get into your body. Climb under your skin. Connect with the root core of your physical being.

Root deeply and reconnect with your body. Ground yourself and no longer be a talking head filled with racing thoughts.

Root deeply and reconnect with your body. Access your emotions and dive into the well of deep energies that lead to healing.

Root deeply and reconnect with your body. Reconnect with Spirit and travel the realms understanding your magnificence.

Root deeply and reconnect with your body. Reclaim yourself as the multidimensional being you are.

And so it is.

A time to trust

mascaraDearest Ones,

It is time to make amends and to repair the damage of ripped confidence and shredded self-esteem created when you dismissed or devalued your promises and commitments to yourself.

It is time to trust yourself again and to walk in congruence and to honor your personal vows. Your insides and outsides will hum in vibratory communion. You will feel your personal wellspring of power.

Mindfully and consciously, choose you.

Engage with yourself.

Talk to your Higher Self.

Play with your intuition.

Honor your Light and the wisdom of your soul.

Tap into your magnificence.

Trust yourself and plug into your expanded bandwidth of new possibilities.

You will feel stronger, braver, more grounded and happier.

And so it is.