Open your window

bluewhirlThe window of change and opportunity is closer than you imagine. Don’t think too hard. You have been waiting for this step up, this step out, this moment to move you to a new way of being and into a place of transformative life. Now is the time. Your window is near.

When the opportunity, connection, invitation or unexpected opening comes, listen to your heart. Smile. Say, ‘”Thank you, God” and open the window. You have been asking and praying for some time now. And your willingness has made this possible. Put your ego-based fears to the side. And if this is your soul’s delight, do not hesitate and ride the new energies up to a new platform of being.

And so it is.



A time to trust

mascaraDearest Ones,

It is time to make amends and to repair the damage of ripped confidence and shredded self-esteem created when you dismissed or devalued your promises and commitments to yourself.

It is time to trust yourself again and to walk in congruence and to honor your personal vows. Your insides and outsides will hum in vibratory communion. You will feel your personal wellspring of power.

Mindfully and consciously, choose you.

Engage with yourself.

Talk to your Higher Self.

Play with your intuition.

Honor your Light and the wisdom of your soul.

Tap into your magnificence.

Trust yourself and plug into your expanded bandwidth of new possibilities.

You will feel stronger, braver, more grounded and happier.

And so it is.