Do I disappoint you, God?

lovelight-texture-no-1-pink-glitterificNo, you can never disappoint me. There is no such thing as disappointment in the higher realms. It is all the light. The light is the vibrational spectrum that opens consciousness and births compassion and expansiveness. When playing in the higher realms of light, there is no division; everything is part of the whole.

You look to find the feel-good vibration. Along the way, you may try this ‘n that and that ‘n this to discover what makes you feel good, happy, whole, yes? Those discoveries are short-lived; they do not sustain you over the long-run. You keeping hunting and pecking, tasting and trying to find what it is that can make you feel good.

What you do or don’t do is not as important as the intention with which you take actions for yourself or on behalf of others. Are you being loving? Are you being loving to yourself?

Are you able to look at yourself with light-filled eyes and see that your life is a progression? This progression is not linear, but a moment-by-moment change in amplitude. Whatever lights you up from the inside-out will help you find your happiness, wholeness and feel-good feelings.

Stop. Sink into your heart and see what feels good to you. There can be many answers; your earth is a veritable playground.

Do not beat yourself up for whatever humanness disturbs you. Understand why you made the choice or tried that particular path. Have compassion for the human who is working through feelings and history and mental constructs. Have compassion for the human who is learning that there is more beyond what the eye can see.

You are a magnificent being who is learning to open more fully into the light.

And so it is.

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