Mother Mary: Be the Grace You are

pinkheartDear Ones,

As your physical world spins in turmoil, ground yourself in peace.

There is much fear in the world today. There is much hatred burning across the planet. If you can rise above the toxicity, you will find new air to breathe and an expansiveness to fill you.

If you bring the divided parts (starting with yourself) closer to center, new connections will happen and this leads to understanding.  Lasting change is predicated on peace, compassion and understanding.

It is not easy to stay out the fray and general panic.

I urge you to reconnect with your spiritual self. Pray for peace. Bless Mother Earth. Look for signs to lead the way. Be your Best Self.

Be conscious of making peaceful efforts and gesture. Your efforts may not be seen immediately in the 3D world but the template you and others create helps raise the vibration of the earth. These are not easy times. Be kind. Give latitude. And avoid getting burnt.

As a soul you chose now to be here, to be part of the great shift for humankind, do not forget the big picture.

Be the grace you are.

Go in peace.

2 thoughts on “Mother Mary: Be the Grace You are

  1. Love this post, Adele. Tough times, when there is a definite shift, call us to be our best, loving selves. It’s not easy. Truly big, good things are rarely easy.
    Every evening we go outside and have our own ceremony of gratitude. We are thankful for this miraculous earth, the everyday miracles, the beauty and wonder.
    My suggestion: make your own ceremony. Be grateful. Your heart and soul will find some peace in that. There is always something to be grateful for. Always.

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