Take heart

Yes, Beloveds, it’s a bit of a mess out in your world, but of all of these fiery energies and combustible moments combined with deep compassion and standing in unity, bring the Light forward.

Go very gently with yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Some guidelines:

  1. Get rest. There are massive incoming energies.
  2. Rest some more to help you recalibrate and ground and restore yourself.
  3. Follow your body’s lead. Don’t push it.
  4. Attend to your creative inklings (of whatever form and nature). They open you to growth, expansion and connection with higher consciousness energies.
  5. For 11 minutes (at least) daily, meditate or center yourself with the word “peace.” Consider putting your hand over your heart and repeat to yourself, “I am at peace.”
  6. Connect with your tribe. Get support; give support.
  7. Practice compassion with yourself and others.
  8. Give yourself time to process before you respond to challenges.
  9. Be mindful: Pull back when you need to; jump in when you’re ready.
  10. Be authentic and in alignment with who you are at this moment in time.
  11. Remember you raised your very brave and courageous soul hand to be here now. You are needed. You are necessary. And you are aiding and assisting the shift in consciousness.
  12. You have everything you need to be here now. Be wonderful you in all of your human facets of multiple feelings, confusions and delights.


And so it is. Go forth in love and peace.

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