St. Germain-How to re-align

stars-300x200Beloved Masters, many of you are in pain. Pain of all kinds. You feel alone, disconnected from yourself, disconnected from others…disconnected from the Light.

You cannot find any purchase on which to stand. The world is tilting and spinning. You feel as if there is nothing — nothing for you — to hold onto or grab. There is nothing to secure you. You are free falling and becoming smaller by the moment.

You have forgotten who you are. You  have forgotten your magnificence.

How do you proceed, my Beloved Masters?

Slow down.

Stop whatever is upsetting you. Stop now.

Walk. Sing. Stretch. Release the spinning energies that strangle you.

Practice stillness.

Pray. Meditate. Be in nature. Listen to beautiful music. Look at art. Dream.

Feed your soul.

Do it now.

Be open to to reverence.

Look at the big picture.

Embrace the joy.

Know you are loved beyond measure.

And so it is.