Mother Mary: Handling the inner and outer tumult

You are feeling the pinch and pressure of change. This is of benefit even though it may not feel pleasurable in the moment. It is time to claim yourself, to believe in yourself and, most especially, learn to trust yourself. Acknowledge your presence and place on the planet.

The hour is nigh. Honor your precious energies. Treat yourself lovingly. It is only with love and compassion for your human self that you can find the vibratory path to heal and change into more life-giving and love-giving ways.

Do not fear the tumult of the world nor the tumult within your being. These are all necessary shake-ups towards a better you, a better day and a better world. You are stepping up to a new platform of consciousness and being.

Take the time and space you need. Don’t lose yourself amidst the litany of crises, dramas and demands of today’s frenetic world.

Walk with integrity and compassion.

Be honest about your humanness. It takes courage to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is the key that opens the door to self-awareness and connection.

Maintain, begin anew or start again a daily spiritual practice. This keeps you anchored and connected and is essential to a balanced life.

Become more conscious of your choices and what motivates these choices. Is it faith or fear, duty or habit, compulsion or love, daring or wonder?

Attend to the world around you. Find comfort and solace in the cycles and beauty of nature. Take heed of the symbols and synchronicities proffered.

Cultivate peace in every way and on every day.

Know you are held in high measure and cherished dearly. You play a significant role in the energetic balance of the planet.

And so it is.