Mother Mary: Living Faith

See yourself trying very hard to do something. Perhaps, you have contorted your face, clenched your fists, squinted your eyes or your breathing has become more intensified as you grunt and groan with effort. This is not faith; this is struggle.

Struggles comes when you are out of alignment, when you refuse to accept and want a different response, reaction, answer to your reality. Struggle, if conscious, is a choice to accept or not accept. Struggle is not the living faith of life.

Psychologically, struggle can be about ego, defenses and shadow-boxing. Metaphysically, struggle speaks to the personality-known-as-you who is unable, unconscious or flat out refusing to see the soul picture, the bigger picture….the panorama of your life on the soul stage.

Whereas faith is a channel of effortlessness and communion where your connection with your Higher Self is a felt sense if peace and unity. Faith is a platform upon which you stand; you feel both grounded and expansive.

Faith is present tense. It is not worry, projection or racing thoughts of what you should or should not do.

Faith is a sea of calm in a chaotic world. Living faith is to understand the word faith as a verb and to make that faith a part of the fabric of your being. Faith is not distant or unapproachable. Faith is with you always.

Faith is a complete and utter trust that all is unfolding as it should. Everything is in perfect (soul) order.

Living faith is a place of high vibratory equanimity. Allow yourself to see and act with eyes of compassion.

And so it is.