The very bumpy trajectory towards The Shift

You are living in a time of great change. On the 3D level, there is much anger and fear circulating around and through you.

These days of chaos serve as the trajectory to the much-heralded shift in higher consciousness. Think of the toddler learning to walk. The little one learns to scootch, hold on to the coffee table and, eventually, take some faltering steps. Often, in this developmental process, the little one regresses and returns to crawling before walking once again.

Similarly, this process of a higher consciousness shift requires the energy of this back-and-forth momentum. The seething polarity is emblematic of this divisive momentum that breaks apart the old structures to make way for the new. In other words, the wide swings of polarity become part of the process of refinement and discernment.

Living in the 3D world with these heightened fears and angers is exhausting and obfuscates the higher perspective. During these tumultuous times, endeavor to operate in these light-filled ways as you navigate this bumpy trajectory from 3D to higher consciousness:

  • walk with integrity;
  • be truthful;
  • speak up for what’s important;
  • act with compassion;
  • be of service;
  • practice balance and detachment;
  • maintain your spiritual practice;
  • find succor with like-minded individuals;
  • pay attention to signs and symbols;
  • hold peace in your heart;
  • honor your light;
  • be kind to yourself;
  • remember to breathe, and breathe, again.

You are not alone. You have never been alone. Go forward.

If the 3D stressors become too much, stop and refill yourself. Everything is unfolding in perfect order.

And so it is.