All praise the vulnerable self

Appreciate your most vulnerable self as you crack wide open into compassionately loving more of everything, including yourself. We understand that this can be uncomfortable and unsettling as it uncovers feelings of being out of control, powerless and quite young.

Truth be told, you are in a state of great open expansiveness and this, dear Starfish, allows you to be your most empowered. There is no there to get to. Allow yourself to be in the present moment, fully open and ready to receive that which awaits you. This will get easier and more natural as you regularly open yourself up and allow the protective shields around your heart to shrink, inch by inch, as you are ready, and become less obstructive and, thereby, permit more of the opening.

Being vulnerable, feeling all the feelings and taking the time to process the contents of your subterranean psyche will move your energies and accelerate your growth.

Everything is a lesson awaiting your mastery.

And so it is.