Mary Message: Be the love      

PinkFlowers-lowres-300x300Open your hearts and allow the pain and suffering in the world to move you into places of action. The time is now to help your brother, sister, neighbor, friend and enemy. Nothing is lost by helping those in need and equalizing the playing field so that all have a chance at health and happiness.  Everything is gained by seeing yourself in the eyes of every person you meet.  Everything is gained by knowing that we are all connected; every action, every choice, every decision has a ripple effect that affects the collective.

Do not let the children suffer.  Do not let your neighbor go hungry.  Do not let the earth spoil.  These are the issues that matter.  Tend the sick and broken; the disenfranchised and the hungry; the desperate and the despairing.  Help one another.  Make peace with one another.  War accomplishes precious little; peace allows happiness and creativity to flower.

The world is in a tenuous place.  Create strength by finding your core and center.  Know what matters to your heart; know where you will draw a line; know where you will step up.  Pray for peace.

Be the peace.  Be the light.  Be the love.  And change the world.

And so it is.

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