Mother Mary: Calling for your Best Self

You are not alone in your struggles to maintain balance and equilibrium, especially in a world that has accelerated on all fronts.

These days are challenging. They also call for you to bring your Best Self forward.

Upon awakening, become clear on how you will present your Best Self to the world.

Upon retiring, review your day with a loving heart. Notice if there are moments where you might have handled something a bit better, with more acceptance and compassion. Be conscious and learn. There is no need to punish or berate yourself. Everything is about learning, expanding your consciousness and increasing your vibratory tone. Give thanks for what you learn and express gratitude for your day and its opportunities to connect and be and create.

Go in peace.

Walk in peace.

Be the peace, inside and out.

And, so it is.

2 thoughts on “Mother Mary: Calling for your Best Self

  1. Adele — Thank you for this. We all need it, now more than ever, it seems. Sometimes I feel like we have collective PTSD. (Maybe it’s not ‘Post.’
    Every evening my husband Win goes outside and laughs and thanks the universe. He sings his song. He asks for more living because it’s feels so great. I sit with him, in quiet, and look at the bluffs, the sunset, and say my own thanks for whatever the day has brought forward in my heart, in my mind.
    It’s joyous. We need to embrace that joy!
    And I am thankful for you, always, and all ways.
    Much love — meredith

    • Adele Ryan McDowell

      Oh, Meredith, you are good medicine for us all. What a great comment! Thank you. Yes, onward to embracing joy! Joy can elevate us and transcend our days. Thank YOU and much love.

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