St. Germain and the 10 reminders for moving Up Spiral

This piece was written with and through the generosity of St. Germain. Direct (or almost direct) quotes are italicized.

All of us would all agree that life is going faster and faster by the minute. We can’t stay on top of everything, much less get everything done. And there is change everywhere. Much of what we have been taught as real is being shown to be anything but real.

And we have learned that when we disengage energetically – in other words, unplug from our connection with Spirit – we feel as if we are in free fall. And when in free fall, we get overwhelmed. We doubt. We wonder if we are doing the right thing.

We know we raised our respective soul hands to be here now, at this time in history, at this point of evolution. We said, “Yes!” way back when but it can be difficult to make sense of all the changes and the fast-charging energies.

The French philosopher, paleontologist, and Jesuit priest, Teilhard de Jardin said: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” The Ascended Master, St. Germain would tweak that and says:  “You are a master having a human experience.”

As we traverse this path of mastery, we are being led to spiral up or UP SPIRAL. Up spiral, as the name suggests, is all about moving to higher dimensions and frequencies. Through this spiraling, Spirit is wrapping us as well as blending and integrating the higher energies within us. And this idea of integration can be a thrill as well as a fear.

You have heard of rules for the road, allow us to introduce these 10 reminders and guidelines for moving up, up, up the spiral.

  1. LET GO of doing
  2. ALLOW yourself to keep moving…not trying…feel the energy move you forward and allow yourself to go with it as if you are a helium balloon bumping along.
  3. Please know you are not nearly as disconnected from Source as you think you are.
  4. There are things that are opening up to be revealed to you in divinely (emphasis divinely) appropriate time.
  5. We say it time and time again, TRUST your intuition.
  6. Everything is in DIVINE ORDER.
  7. The finite mind cannot intellectually resolve all of the points of opposition. Therefore, it will take up-spiraled higher consciousness to help realign our reality with a whole new perspective.
  8. FINDING OUR BALANCE in all of this new reality is all about constantly re-adjusting. It’s like standing on a log on a river and you are running in place to keep your balance, but you can’t run that fast. The balance will be brought to you. (And this, to me, feels like grace.)
  9. REMEMBER, you are a master of your human experience. You have disbelieved yourself for far too long. You don’t have to learn. You don’t have to try. Just allow. It’s easier than you think. And it’s comfortable, joy-filled, and not hard work and there is no competition. The process does not have to be difficult or fearful. It is as gently illuminating as you would allow it.
  10. LOOK WITHIN, this is the key. Look at life through the small end of the binoculars where everything gets clear. Meet your fears and suddenly see aspects of your fears that are enlightening. (This reminds me of the Zen concept of befriending your demons. Think for yourself. Open the gates to higher dimensional frequency and look inside for the mysteries. It is readily available and clearly within. Pay attention beyond what you see and hear. This is where you will find yourself, your temple, the temple of the master. The world cannot enter into the holy temple of any master. And when you look deep within, are you willing to trust yourself?

Beloved Masters, every event, every step you take, every breath, every move is about defining yourself as a master. Each choice is a master’s choice. Every potential requires you to be faithful to yourself and to live the truth of you in a powerfully courageous way, not as a warrior, but as a master making choices in compassionate objectivity, living clearly and being true. The more you are true to your standard, the more you find you are loved and constantly cared for and protected.

You are the one you have been looking for in lifetimes. You are the love. You are the one you have waited for. It has always been there inside of you, right where you are. You are waking up to this realization. And, so it is.

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