Starfish, attend to your beauty

Dearest Starfish, swimming in the vastness of your blue-green world,

We want you to stop. Stop and wonder at the magnificence around you. There is beauty. And this beauty births gratitude, which blesses you with all of its attendant benefits.

And in this world, there is also horror and disaster, which call desperately for your awareness. In compromising times especially, focus on the beauty within you. This is the font of your animation. This speaks to magnetics and energies.

Your beauty is unique and idiosyncratic. It is the live-giving, love-giving charge within you. Your beauty serves as a direct expression of your connection with your soul.

During these tender days full of upheaval and upset, we suggest that you plug into your soul, your personal well-spring. And, in doing so, you allow your light, your soul beauty to shine outwardly. It has the power to soften, open and, even, awaken others. Further, it amplifies and strengthens your journey on the path.

Be your beautiful, light-giving self. Operate from your open heart. Each and every bit of your soul beauty and its concomitant light makes a significant contribution to the planet.

Share your Beautiful Light, Starfish. Your illumination on this planet is more important than you realize.

And so it is.


Prayer from Caroline Myss

From the higher-consciousness thinking of Caroline Myss:

….Something rather remarkable occurred to me amid these types of questions and the conversations that they generated. People noted that while their life changes were brought about through a physical, social, or emotional trauma, that unforeseen event was the catalyst to their discovering the life path they were now on. They would not be doing a sacred journey or any inner healing work had those events not happened. And without the healing work, they would not have become environmentalists or health practitioners or retired so early just to experience life. Such stories are more common than I can tell you. As I listened to several people share their version of that archetypal “death and rebirth” journey, I realized that this is our time to contribute to the story of humanity. And we can either fear this time or become participants in the power and creative vibrancy of this moment in history.

When I look at people in my workshops, I think, “You need to realize – to believe – that you were born for this moment. You are built for the emotional, psychological, spiritual and psychic obstacle courses that we are facing now. Every inner challenge you have confronted has been in preparation for facing, enduring, and outwitting the outrageous challenges of your life. You need to trust not just your creative genius but your creative madness. You need to be creatively bold, not quiet; spiritually fierce, not shy. And you need to learn to pray like you are crazy, as if Divine intervention was as ordinary as birdsong in the morning.”

So, take a moment and wrap yourself up in a prayer full of grace. Breathe it in. And just let grace work its wonders:

“Lord, sometimes I forget who created this world. Sometimes I forget that what is happening in the world is temporary – a momentary drama, an explosion of human madness. I need to withdraw from that drama, from the madness that can so easily find its way into my mind and heart, into my emotions and my thinking, and remind myself that I must remain loving, kind, honest, and hopeful. The more noise in the world, the more I need that silent, still place within me. Lord, grant me the stamina to confront fear, to recognize when it is taking charge of my mind and heart. And fill me with the grace of courage that I can stop a fear from taking hold of me. Hover over me, Lord. Send your angels to watch over me during the night and let me wake in calming grace come morning.”




Wrong turn at the Milky Way?

Sometimes it feels like that, doesn’t it?

Truth is, Starfish, you are e-x-a-c-t-l-y where you are supposed to be. You choose this lifetime, these experiences and all those relationships to accelerate and enhance your growth.

No frowning, please. Lest you forget, this is a journey of consciousness.  And, yes, it can be bumpy, aggravating and down-right confusing. And still, you are here, knee-deep in Planet Earth.

Until the relatives show up, enjoy it all. Have fun. Be detached. Risk a little more. Love a lot.

And so it is from the Greater Galaxies.

You are not alone

You are not alone.

You are never alone.

Go outside.

Feel the thrum of a tree.

Listen to birdsong.

Watch clouds slide and morph across the horizon.

You are always a part of this.


Place your hand on your heart.

Connect with your being.

Open the door to feeling.

Notice the every day miracles

of Mother Nature,

your physical vehicle

and the unanticipated

gifts from others

and above.


You are not alone.

You are never alone.

See the feather.

Pick up the stone.

Listen to the wind.

Paint your dreams.


It gets easier.

It gets better

when you see and


and feel

and know

the magic above


and around you.

You are not alone.

You are never alone.

You are a part of this,


and forever.

Hi, it’s me, your Soul


It’s me, your soul. I just wanted to pop in and tell you what a bang-up job you’ve been doing lately. You have been keeping strong, listening, caring, and holding.

Don’t forget to shed some of that light-filled good juju on you. Just sayin’….

You are loved dearly and always,

Your Soul


Mother Mary: Claim You

Start today, dear ones. Press the reset button during this season of spring rebirth and renewal.

Bless and release the old ways that lock you into smallness. Open the windows. Air out your inner sanctuary. Breathe deeply and anchor yourself in nature. It is your time to unfold and show the fullness of your soul.

Decline hurry and rush. Accept quietude, beauty and inspiration to create anew. It is time. Claim you and take the step up to higher ground.

And so it is.