St. Germain’s Cosmic Law of Forgiveness


I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness and the violet transmuting flame forgiving all past mistake I have ever made.

I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness and the violet transmuting flame forgiving all past mistakes that mankind [humankind] has ever made.

In God’s most holy name  I am. 

St Germain


When saying this invocation, repeat it three times and visualize yourself in a circle of violet flame which emanates from your toes and goes to the top of your head.

And so it is. Blessed be.

One bead at a time

Begin, and space will appear. Direction will become evident. All it takes is the first step of commitment.

Go. You will be supported. It will be easier than you think. You will find joy and excitement. It is far easier than sitting on that knot of resistance and fear and avoidance.

Gently, mindfully, like beads on a necklace, do this one bead at a time.

We’re with you.
And so it is.

Starfish, let’s talk today’s energies

Hey, it’s tricky out there. The energies today are fast and unpredictable. There can be sharp right turns, unexpected happenings, portals opening to new heights and chapters ending. There can be challenges in the extremis; there can also be quantum leaps to new platforms of being.

Do not fret, Starfish. Ground yourself, again and again. Renew, restore and nourish yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically. In other words, plug into all of your systems, call in all of your allies, renew your practices and be mindful that you are on a fast ride to higher vibrational living.

These are the new energies. Our biggest suggestion to you is to work assiduously at being pro-active as opposed to being reactive to all the input, history, subconscious templates, drama, conflict and sensory impressions that surround you continuously.  We recommend that you focus on what you desire, what you truly, deeply and passionately desire. This what what lights you up, makes you happy and feeds your soul. Focus and carve out the time for you. Now is the moment.

And, so it is, Starfish.

All praise the vulnerable self

Appreciate your most vulnerable self as you crack wide open into compassionately loving more of everything, including yourself. We understand that this can be uncomfortable and unsettling as it uncovers feelings of being out of control, powerless and quite young.

Truth be told, you are in a state of great open expansiveness and this, dear Starfish, allows you to be your most empowered. There is no there to get to. Allow yourself to be in the present moment, fully open and ready to receive that which awaits you. This will get easier and more natural as you regularly open yourself up and allow the protective shields around your heart to shrink, inch by inch, as you are ready, and become less obstructive and, thereby, permit more of the opening.

Being vulnerable, feeling all the feelings and taking the time to process the contents of your subterranean psyche will move your energies and accelerate your growth.

Everything is a lesson awaiting your mastery.

And so it is.

Stop fretting

Dear Starfish,

Please no more fretting, worrying or dithering. We suggest you settle yourself, go inward, get rooted and then connect with your soul. You soul is your repository of your animating life force. Your soul holds your answers. And your soul connection allows inspiration and births epiphanies.

You connect with your soul through present time. Be it creativity, dream time, play time, noodling-around time or any time, when you suspend judgment, are open and allow, there can be connection and flow.

When you are in alignment with your soul, your life feels more expansive and possible. You are no longer hamstrung in powerlessness or futility. You are operating in the moment, at full power and with more options.

Jump into the flow of soul connection, dear Starfish. Your days will be lighter and brighter.

And so it is.

Stop in the Name of Love

The world is frenetic. You must stop, center and realign with the fullness that you are. 

Tap into the essence of you. Find the vibration of well-being and joy. Believe in your powers for good. Believe in your multidimensional abilities to make change, shift tides and make a difference.

But first, dear Starfish, start with you. Reclaim yourself. Slow down. Rest. Regroup. Put aside worry. Then, PLUG IN to Source. If you are at a loss, spend time in nature. Talk to trees, breathe with the waves, dream with the clouds. Recommit to your center, your stronghold of magic.

You are loved. You are guided. You are protected. Walk in peace. Walk with confidence.

And so it is.

Kryon: I Deserve It

Each one of you is unique on the planet. Each one has a life lesson that is unique. Each one has a unique pattern of lives lived in the past. That means your Akashic Record is like no one else’s, and your Higher-Self is also unique. This limits my ability to give you some kind of 3D generic list or way to heal yourself, since you are dealing with the specifics of “you.” So instead, why not sit down in a quiet moment, with purity, and say to Spirit…

“I would like these things. I give permission to activate the energies that need to be activated in my life, to accomplish the purposes I came for. I want to have joy in my life and to find the joy in my full Akash, for I deserve it and I’ve earned it. I’ve had positive, joyful lives, so I want to pull on that energy.”


Light. Action. Better.

These are perilous times. The base elements and dark forces have come to the fore. They are frightening and intimidating. You can grow afraid. Where do I go? What do I do?

The answer is easy, Starfish. We ask you to tap into your higher self — the part of you that feels expansive and  connected to the All-Loving Presence — and act with love and compassion. Share and spread your light in every possible way. It can be the gentle smile, the helping hand, the standing up for the underdog. It’s what you call “Doing the right thing.” You know, Starfish, what that is.

Hold hands, if you will, with the All-Loving Presence. Connect into that expansiveness and possibilities. Breathe into your heart space. Do not let it contract and harden. Breathe more until you can rest the divine resonance.

Remember you are so much more. You are a spiritual and energetic being. Speak, act and do from the openness and expansiveness of your heart. Not only will you feel better, you will be working for the Light by being the Light that you are.

And so it is.